Best Filterless Air Purifiers

A filterless air purifier offers a unique way to clean the air of particles and allergens without having to care for or replace disposable filters. The air filtering in a filterless air purifier is completed by changing the composition of the air so that particles cling to each other and hard surfaces instead of remaining in the air that enters our lungs.

Types of Filterless Air Purifiers

One way filterless air purifiers work is by negatively charged ions being emitted into the air. This is how ionic air purifiers work, such as those developed by the Honeywell Corporation. Here, the ions released into the air “grab” the air particles and whisk them out of the air that you breathe.

Aprilaire manufactures a filterless air purifier as well. The model 5000 electric air purifier captures the air into the cleaner and then releases clean air. The particles are charged in an electrical field in the capturing unit and particles are collected in grounded air cleaner media, so the only thing coming out of the unit is clean air.

The Need for Clean Air

With the pollutants in the air, even opening the windows for some “fresh” air introduces particles that are potentially harmful into our homes. During the extremely hot or cold seasons, homes are closed up and, because of better building technology, become somewhat air tight. This is good for controlling energy costs, but can make the perfect breeding ground for moulds and trap toxic allergens.

The great outdoors and all its fresh air is probably okay for those who are healthy. However, individuals with severe allergies, asthma, or a weakened immune system can really suffer serious consequences of untreated air. There are individuals with such severe breathing problems, that even perfumes and powders released into the air can cause great distress. Even closing up the house and locking out pollutants doesn’t do much to help these individuals. Air filtration is really the only solution for the severely allergic.

A filterless air purifier doesn’t just hold the particles and toxins on a filter in your home, but eliminates them completely. By changing the physical nature of the contaminated air particles, they become harmless through a good filterless air purifier.

How Ionic Air Purifiers Work

There are many great ionic air purifier choices out there. If you are looking to clean the air in your home, you might choose one of the ionic options. There are different types of ionic air purifiers and air purifiers on the market. A little simple research will tell you about them and how to choose the one that is best for you. Look carefully over your ionic air purifier choices before you buy.

So many people may be wondering just why you need an air purifier anyway? I mean, what’s wrong with your air? Well, there are many different airborne viruses and bacteria in your air that can make you and those in your house sick.

Get an Ionic Air Cleaner

You can get an ionic air cleaner for your home or business. It will make a huge difference for you and your health if you have cleaner air. Clean air is important and companies like Honeywell, Prozone and Hunter have products for you to make your home a more pleasant and healthy place to live.

There are electrostatic machines that let you have clean air and help reduce the amount of static electricity in your home. Static electricity and other annoyances in your home can come from the humidity level being either too high or too low. This can be adjusted with a humidifier or dehumidifier. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your ionic air purifier today!

Filterless Air Purifiers Buying Guide

ir purification was a very unusual process until a few years ago. The need for air purification has risen drastically in a few years due to rapid globalization. Increased usages of vehicles have caused carbon emissions that damage the atmosphere. Air conditioners and refrigerators play a vital role in increasing the amount of carbon monoxide level of the atmosphere. All this have had a combinational effect on nature and has caused very high degree of pollution. Today, air purifiers have become a necessity as air in many cities round the globe have been proven to be unfit for inhalation. When air purifiers are compulsorily needed, an idea of their types, features and characteristics is required to understand their performance. Air purifier reviews by experts also help in identifying the most suitable machines for use.

Applications of an Air purifier reviews

An air purifier generally absorbs all the impurities present in the air. All minute particles including smoke, dust, pollen particles, chemical fumes are absorbed by these purifiers. Advanced purification models possess some distinct features like supply of ozone, volatile compound filtration and ecofriendly options. All these features increase the user friendliness of the machines. Also, the cost, power efficiency, ease of operation have made these machines more and more desired.

Features of advanced purifiers ( Air purifier reviews )

Today manufacturers are introducing newer features in the purifiers every day to make survive the market competition. Some of the features introduced by certain brands have become very much successful, that many other brands adopted the feature in the due course of time. Some of such features are discussed below:

Cleanliness Indicator: Previously, appliances had indicators to show time, date, temperature, power on/off and other basic markings. These indications eased the usage of the device. Some models of air purifiers are equipped with power indicators. These indicators denote when to clean the filters. When the machine has been in use for a long time, all pollutants accumulated in the filter clog the pores of the filter thereby blocking the flow of fresh air. For this, the filters need to be cleaned at the required time. For this, the user needs to know the exact time period between cleaning of filters. The indicator in the machine, signals when it is time to clean the filter. This indication is based on the level of accumulation of pollutants, time gap between cleaning process and many other factors.

Energy Efficiency rating: This rating gives an idea of the efficiency of the machine. Here, the speed of purification of air is calculated versus the dimension of the room. The rating is calculated based on how effectively the purifier cleans the air of all the pollutants present in it. This rating is provided by internationally acclaimed standards that have constituted the parameters considered for the rating globally. Higher the rating, more efficient the machine. Thus based on the rating, the user can choose the machine he desires.

HEPA technology: This service is provided by many brands as it is simple and efficient. Here, the machine is instilled with filters that prevent particles of large size from penetrating through it. The size of the pores of the filters, vary from model to model. For example, if a machine is equipped with filters of 0.2 microns diameter, then it means it prevents particles greater that that size from entering into the atmosphere. This removes dust, smoke, odor, chemical effluents and other usual impurities from reaching the air. Some specialized models possess filters of minuter diameter. These filters prevent bacteria, viruses and other disease causing organisms from entering into the air. Thus an air purifier also acts as a shield protecting the users from harmful organisms. For filtering stronger pollutants like fertilizer smoke, pesticides, the filters are replaced with carbon filters. These are capable of preventing strong odors and more toxic compounds from entering the air. The major disadvantage of this system is that the carbon filters need to be replaced quite often and would prove time consuming and expensive in the long time.

Molecular filtration: As the name suggests, here filtrations happen based on the type and size of the molecules. Here, molecules are segregated on their type and size. The size of the pores determine the range of molecules that can pass through them. In this technology, most gases and odor that cause allergic reactions are removed. Thus the users are guaranteed of pure and nontoxic fresh air. This produces a wonderful effect on the users.

Some most preferred models of best air purifier for mold and their reviews are listed below. This gives an idea of the existing features of air purifiers and gives an insight into the reviews of famous machines.

IQ health pro purifier: This is one of the advanced models of air purifiers present today. This machine uses HEPA technology for air purification and removes pollutants and strong odors. These machines operate at a very high fan speed at minimal noise level. The fact that these machines come with a 4 year warranty makes it even more user friendly. The device is equipped with electronic liquid crystal display that guaranteed clear and precise indications. These machines are ideal for large rooms or work spaces as they function efficiently at large spaces. Its classic design and look adds to its elegance as it can suit all types of interiors. These machines are expensive but are well worth the amount spent.

Airgle air purifier: This purifier is most suited for household use. The device removes all impurities like smoke, odor, dust and pollen particles. It is effective even for a large area. It uses HEPA technology and functions at nominal fan speed and noise level. The grills attached to the machine serve as permanent filters that only requires cleaning at regular intervals. The efficiency of these machines have acquired a star rating and is most desired for its ease of performance. The machine comes in a strong Aluminum housing with a design that is simple and bold. One drawback of this machine is its size that is too large for a small work place or a moderately spaced house.

Blueair Air purifier: This star rated efficient machine is known for its low noise performance. At low fan speed, the noise is almost null, making it the ideal purifier for trouble free performance. Here the filters can be vacuumed to make the cleaning process easy. These machines are ideal for small rooms or regions that are small in dimension. The appearance of the purifier is beautiful and suits small houses perfectly well. Though the filters are easy to maintain, these filters do not last a long time. They need to be cleaned and replaced frequently to enjoy uninterrupted flow of fresh air at a noise free atmosphere.

AlenBreathe air purifier: This HEPA technology controlled purifier us handled using large push button type controls. It accurately filters minute particles at a quick time. The filters used here are easy to maintain and replace. The replacement filters are not expensive and can be replaced easily as the machines come with life time warranty. However, the drawback of these machines is that they produce too much noise during operation. The filters used here do not filter odor and chemical effluents. However, these can be achieved by installing specialized filters after installation. These machines are suited for large areas and are sized proportionately. This makes them ideal only for large areas that do not mind a large sized air purifier in their premise.

These are some of the most common models of air purifiers available in the market. Apart from these, a user will have to analyze numerous other parameters before buying a machine. One such parameter is the cost. Depending on the budget, a user can identify a machine that has all the required features. Air purifiers can be purchased from anything as low as $100. Depending on the requirement and features necessary, a user can opt for a device.

Another most important parameter is the size of the location. For a large space, a purifier with a high capacity needs to be purchased. For households, models that are effective and small need to be chosen. This is because it is unwise to choose a machine that occupies half the room space, just for its efficiency. This causes unwanted problems for a long time. On deciding the model to be purchased, a user needs to understand its power efficiency, performance and usage instructions thoroughly well. This prevents any mishaps in the future. Also, all guidelines regarding maintenance of the purifier need to be adhered to. For example, cleaning of filters at prescribed intervals not only gives fresh air, also reduces the power consumption that might increase due to over utilization of the machine. Such simple and easy techniques help in maintaining the device for a very long time period without any major repair works or replacements. Air purifier reviews and consultations from experts help in proper maintenance of the machine. These avoid unnecessary expenses for the lifetime of the purifier.

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