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Whether you are just getting into mountain biking or you are thinking about getting a new bike, many of you will rely on mountain bike reviews to help you choose your bike. While looking at reviews is a good place to start, we have found that there is no better way to choose a bike then to try it out for yourself.

If you start with a broad subject, such as mountain bike reviews, it can get overwhelming because there are literally hundreds of bikes to choose from. You need to think about what kind of bike you are looking for to narrow your search.

For instance, are you a beginning biker or more experienced? Do you plan to do most of your biking on trails or do you enjoy making your own path through the mountains? Are you wanting a bike to do performance tricks on ramps or are you more into competition and speed? Questions such as these will help narrow your search for mountain bike reviews and will make the task more manageable.

Many people feel that the main thing you need to consider with a mountain bike is the suspension. For this reason, there are a number of mountain bike reviews that will steer you towards a full suspension bike instead of something like a hardtail bike. With full suspension typically comes a fuller price tag. We found some helpful tips online about whether or not you actually need a full suspension bike for what you plan to do. Of course these things can also be accomplished by various mountain bike parts.

Because some mountain bike reviews are actually written by manufacturers or for a particular bike manufacturer, we recommend that you read a variety of reviews before settling on a particular bike. Once you have found your ideal bike, test ride it before making a final decision. The proof is in trying it out for yourself. With so many bikes and so many reviews available it is easy to find the mountain bike that is right for you.


The Diamond Wildwood Bike

Diamondback Wildwood


The easiest way, is with sports! The problem is though, that for most kids playing sports seems kinda boring! What you need to do, is introduce them to more exciting outdoors activities, such as mountain biking!

I’m sure that when you were growing you owned a bike and you loved every minute you spent riding it, wouldn’t it be great if your kids got to do the same thing? Well the new mountain bikes have been designed to make cycling as exciting and extreme as possible, while also keeping the rider very safe!

They can ridden on all terrains, no matter how rough and bumpy, with great comfort and ease and thanks to their very lightweight frames, they are also extremely easy to carry or to handle! These best mountain bikes are also equipped with very high tech braking systems, that make them even safer!

There is a little problem with mountain bikes however: there are way too many models available out there for you to choose from! It’s true that you could just visit a store and pick one of the many cheap mountain bikes that you’ll find on sale there, but can you sure that it will be safe and overall appropriate for your kid to ride?

In other words, finding the best mountain bike for you, is not quite as easy as it seems! Have no fear though, we are here to help you! In this review, we will take a look at one of the most popular bikes out there, the Diamondback Wildwood Citi Men’s Comfort Bike! Let’s find out what makes it so popular!

Diamondback Wildwood dt1  Diamondback Wildwood dt2    Diamondback Wildwood dt3

Diamondback Wildwood Overview

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Diamondback Wildwood Citi Men’s Comfort Bike will be its design! Thanks to its gun metal gray color scheme, it looks really sleek and elegant, but the design is important for more than just the way it looks!

This amazing Diamondback mountain bike has been designed with the Laid Back Comfort (LBC) geometry in mind, which means that you will always be in an ideal and very comfortable position, while riding it!

But the the LBC design geometry is not the only thing that the Diamondback Citi Men’s Bike has going for it!  It is also equipped with a Hi-Ten Steel BMX frame, complete with a pierced top tube, as well as a 45mm comfort BMX suspension, made out of steel!

It also comes equipped with 7-speed twist shifters made by Shimano, a high tech Promax linear braking system, and 26-inch Kenda tires, specially designed for comfort! If you’re looking for the most comfortable mountain bike out there, well, look no further!

Diamondback Wildwood dt4    Diamondback Wildwood dt5


Features of Diamondback Wildwood

  • LBC Geometry! The Laid Back Comfort geometry, or LBC for short, has been designed for Diamondback mountain bikes, after many tests and studies! It is used to design bike frames that allow the rider to sit in a lower and more comfortable position, thus making his or her ride a lot more comfortable and enjoyable!
    The design of the Diamondback Wildwood Citi, has used the LBC Geometry to its fullest potential, in order to be one of the most comfortable bikes out there!
  • State of the art components! All Diamondback Mountain Bike models are known for their high wuality components, and the Wildwood Comfort Citi Men’s Bike is no different! It is equipped with a state of the art speed system, complete with 7-speed twist shifters, designed and built by Shimano, a Hi-Ten BMX frame and a 45mm suspension fork that has been specially designed to provide the rider with a smooth and comfortable ride! It also features state of the art Promax linear brakes, for smooth and safe stops!
  • Great saddle! Now the design of the Diamondback Wildwood Comfort Men’s bike may have been made with comfort in mind, but it could be pointless if the seat is not comfortable! Well, there’s no need to worry, since it comes equipped with a state of the art Avenir Comfort Seat, that’s padded with memory foam for maximum comfort, as well as a weatherproof bike cover!


Diamondback Wildwood Pros and Cons


  1. Designed using LBC geometry!
  2. It’s really comfortable!
  3. Features a high tech gear system made by Shimano!
  4. It is equipped with state of the art Promax linear brakes for smoother and safer stops!
  5. It comes equipped with the latest Avenir comfort seat!
  6. It features a Hi-Ten BMX steel frame, as well as a 45mm suspension fork!


  1. It’s designed for men.
  2. Some assembly will be required.


Final Verdict

The best place to get the Diamondback Wildwood Citi Men’s Comfort Bike bike from, is definitely amazon! Not only will you find the best price for it there, they will also ship it to you fast and for free!

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